The implementation of the Plan of Action and COVID-19

On 24th September, the NGO WG on HREL delivered an oral statement titled: ‘Implementation of the Plan of Action and COVID-19’ during the 45th session of the HRC, co-signed by 21 organizations. The statement demands States to submit their report on the review of the implementation of the third phase of the World Programme and emphasized that despite COVID-19’s challenges to the implementation of the Plan, there cannot be a “break” for human rights education which is a key condition for human rights to be a reality.

In addition, it emphasizes concrete steps to take to ensure an effective and inclusive implementation of the Plan of Action.

Full statement is available here

19 June 2020: Joint Written Statement – HRE& COVID-19 44th Session of the HRC

A joint written statement titled: “COVID-19 and Human Rights Education” was submitted by 18 NGOs to the 44th session of the Human Rights Council.

The statement highlights four key actions:

  1. The rise of manifestation of racism, xenophobia, and discrimination such hate speech and hate crime, highlights the urgent need to accelerate the process of integrating human rights education for all young people, including those with disabilities, into all public and private educational systems and curricula, to foster a future generation that can uphold
    and defend their own rights as well as the rights of others, standing up against injustice and develop a sense of common humanity.
  2. The participation and voices of all youth is essential, particularly those who are most marginalized. This is crucial, to ensure that their firsthand experiences can contribute towards building truly inclusive, equal and just societies, ensuring that no one is left behind.
  3. Access to funds and resources for organizations working on human rights education with youth should be guaranteed, especially in these crucial times, ensuring that existing and future programmes are prioritized and funding ring-fenced.
  4. States must ensure that all people, without exception of any kind, and based on the
    principles of equality and non-discrimination, have access to accurate, reliable, and timely information about COVID-19 and to education about their human rights, including health, in a variety of accessible languages and formats.

Full statement is available HERE.

2 October 2019: Side Event titled: “Youth as ambassadors of Human Rights Education

The Social Forum 2019, an annual meeting convened by the Human Rights Council which focused on “the promotion and protection of the rights of the children and youth through education” took place at the Palais de Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on 1-2 October 2019.

On this occasion, the NGO Working Group on Human Rights Education and Learning organized a side event titled: “Youth as ambassadors of Human Rights Education: Implementing the next Plan of Action of the World Programme for HRE“.

Read the full Report HERE